Goblin Market 1

I don’t expect I’ll ever own property. And as a comic artist, this is a prudent belief. But there’s this house down the street from me, and dude! It is clearly meant to be mine. It has two tiny businesses at the bottom, which in my version of things would be filled by a cafe and some kind of all-purpose shiny-hunter’s adventure market. Brandon could have the first floor, and I could have the second. Why can’t this just happen? Why I can’t I have a magical pony and a million dollars?

Anyway. Tomorrow I’ll put up my Goblin Market inventory. The universe may never provide, but I’ll keep hinting all the same.


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14 responses to “Goblin Market 1

  1. John Christ

    All you need to do is created a comic which is highly marketable to Hollywood. Now, as a former comic artist I found the best way to be a home owner was to become a corporate whore. Now I own a house and wish I drew comics instead.

    • Marian

      It’s never too late to spend all day indoors and continuously refresh videogame forums while you should be working.

      All wishful posting aside, I’m happy not owning a house. I hear you have to pay taxes on those things. What is this earth thing you call taxes?

      • EruditeDragon

        “It’s never too late to spend all day indoors and continuously refresh videogame forums while you should be working.”

        Preach it, sister! XD And, you know, if the universe ever does decide to provide, let me know when the store is a go; it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump over the US – Canadian border for me to get to Vancouver… Well, ok, it’s more than that, but hey. For a krunky salad, it’d be worth it :)

        • EruditeDragon

          Well… Crunky, rather. I don’t know why I used two ‘k’s there…. I blame my brain short circuiting from all the yummy,

      • John Christ

        Ugh, you’re not kidding, I only just discovered taxes. Also, you have to buy your own blinds! What horrible system government does not provide its citizens with blinds as part of their civil rights?!

      • Jin

        holex213 on August 24, 2011 @Valthecatlover i need the link pelase

  2. “The universe may never provide, but I’ll keep hinting all the same.”

    My lady, you just made me day. Thank you.

  3. Oh my goodness, I’d fly all the way from England just to eat your delicious Goblin made muffins!

    • Marian

      I think you’ve got it way better than we do. I’d be flying to England every week to stock my larder, if I could pull it off.

  4. Kirk

    You could always apply for a business loan to get the funding to start the Hchom Cafe and go from there. Then, when your homemade Krunky Salads and baked goods are an instant success, the place will pay for itself.

  5. Mr.Esty

    I know that building! I remember when an old man used to make Chocolate there… they say as he got older he couldn’t trust his own sense of taste and was making the chocolate by memory.

  6. I’d love to actually make a place like this one day. Fantasy-themed treats and gifts!

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