A/W 2011 – 2


I’ve added a couple new models this time around. Some time or other, I’ll make an expanded creature list for the goblin world – but here, besides my goblin self, we have a lady nymph, and a gangly male troll to whom I’ve relegated all the dresses.

If I could have one item from this lot, I would probably opt for the survival onesie, designed with a certain videogame in mind. Plus, you know, my apartment is just really cold.

And here again is the inventory.



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15 responses to “A/W 2011 – 2

  1. Monique R.

    THOUGHT: if these goblin models were in a “WET MOON”-ESQUE comic…what would the drama be?! the cultural context?!!!

    • Marian

      I’ve actually been thinking about this, and I don’t know! It would probably be very Wet-Moon-esque, though, in the sense of not much overtly dramatic stuff happening, but rather a lot of rambling social interactions. Who stole whose shiny, and whether or not to go adventuring today.

  2. ola

    i love the dress + coatdress outfit.
    strongly considering sewing some up.
    however, i cant sew. :/

    • Marian

      You should try it anyway! Though that’s easy for me to suggest, when I’d never actually be able to do it myself.

  3. Neo-rama

    Have you seen the American apparel onesie? I’m totally gonna spoil myself with one this winter.

  4. I want that coat dress. I tend to be a tunic wearer; I have many of them. TUNICS.

    • Marian

      I wish I could magically send you this coat dress. And then you could come through the teleportation door, and play D&D with me.

  5. would you mind terribly if i posted these to tumblr? i abselutely love these designs and look at them quite often, and would love to share them with others. i would include all credit and links back to you, of course.

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