Cribbers List 1

So look, my mum needs me to make her a Christmas list, and I happen to have this website which is all about things that I want, conveniently in need of an update. So here goes nothing. (I must warn you, mum, this list is not particularly practical – nonetheless, it’s the best I can seem to manage…)

Let’s start with the clothing, since gift-giving holidays are the reason I own garments enough to (more or less) cover my nakedness.

1. This is likely an impossible request, but it’s the thing I want more than anything, ever (I kept my finger off the caps lock, but great restraint was involved): the Engineered Garments FWK shoulder hoodie (in navy or black, if you please, but I wouldn’t turn down grey). I should have ordered this from Nepenthes back in the fall – and particularly in retrospect because it’s still an object of much fixation – but a bunch of things got in the way, like a credit card fraud-shutdown, and not wanting to overburden Justin (who would have had to drive it up from Seattle for me). It’s probably a good thing that they don’t ship to Canada, or I’d be constantly abusing the privilege (it’s not really a good thing, guys, that’s just me trying to mollify myself). Anyway, Hchom and christmas lists both are allowed some quota of impossible items, yes? This is the impossiblest.

2. I’m trying to think what FWK (best brand ever – all I want to wear right now) piece I can ask for as consolation. I have a curious attraction to this shirt, though I wouldn’t have expected the recent liberty print trend to offer any personal appeal. Goes to show. They’ve run out of my size, alas (though the lower one would likely fit as well), and it’s a bit pricey anyway, since it’s shipping from Ireland. I was also going to point out these as an alternative, but my sizes have sold out there as well, since I started putting this together… so that’s not very helpful, is it. I suppose I’ll have to poke around some more.

3. This bag has a pudding in it, just saying. Possibly also a kitten and a pony, and a large quantity of very expensive dark, single-origin chocolate.

4. Though I don’t really need them, I could always use a back-up pair of over-sized Levis 501s. Perversely (or not, as you prefer), I like the cheaply-made $30 ones better than the fancy vintage/heritage versions.

5. Socks, just for something to attach a number to. And because I’m down to four pairs, three with holes in the heel. But more on socks in Cribbers post #2, stocking edition.

6. These shoes are too pricey to ask for, but I want them and therefore I’m listing them. Plus, look, they completed the ensemble.

7. I was thinking about asking for one of those tiny, cheap computers, as a secondary laptop, then I decided that was silly, and of course I don’t need one (but I put it up anyway, because it was already drawn and scanned). So yes, ignore this. Most useless Christmas list ever! Moving on…

8. I’d like dad to make me a bench out of parallam (my dad invented this wood), for my hallway.

9. Gift certificates that provide me with tasty things are always good.

You can see I’m having trouble thinking of reasonable things to ask for. Reasonable just isn’t a strong suit. Tomorrow I’ll post a stocking list, which will be less overflowing with stuff that can’t be acquired by ordinary means.


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10 responses to “Cribbers List 1

  1. I know that you are a fellow shinies hoarder…er…”collector”. What online shops do you recommend? Because I’ve been asked for a list too, and my mother’s definition of what constitutes an appropriate shiny is much different than mine (which is more similar to yours).

    • Marian

      I’ve actually got such decent local places, I’ve never been driven to hoard-seek online. But I’d like to know too – maybe I’ll search around, in which case I’ll let you know if I find anything that looks good.

    • srcaialbruz on September 19, 2011 have anyone of you tried GETFREENEOPOINTS(dot)COM? it works perfectly fine here. I got 10,000 neopoints roughly in 10 minutes.

  2. Sister

    Sister, please send mama an e-mail with sizes. She has magical ways.

    • Marian

      I doubt that her ability to sniff out specific pieces from rare, in-store-only brands is better than mine, but I’ll let her know anyway.

  3. Adam

    Not to feed the addiction, but you can have Nepenthes ship to The Letter Carrier, in Point Roberts, Washington.. Its about 30 min from downtown Vancouver and they will hold your mail for super cheap (like 2 dollars).

    It’s also a beautiful place to spend an afternoon on the beach, roaming around the woods and exploring abandoned cabins.

  4. Adam has the FWK floral shirt on sale now

  5. Confuciusion

    heh Your dad invented wood.

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