Winter Break

I took what turned out to be a longish break from posting. Longer than intended, but it was much-needed, and I’m returning to my more regular-irregular posting schedule now. Want lists and other familiar things pending.

It’s been a rough year for me, and a rough winter in particular. I’ve had some health problems, though it took me a while to recognise that. It’s easy to convince yourself that you’re just being a sissy, you just need to suck it up and tighten the bootstraps or whatever, yes? I’ll save you guys the boring details – unless the results end up being Hchom-relevant (they might be) in which case I will duly report.
But I do feel I owe some explanation to at least half of the people who may have emailed me this winter, because everything between about mid-November and nearly-today that wasn’t either work-relevant or family-relevant has fallen into a massive unread snarl in my inbox that I can’t even think about without an instantaneous blinding flood of cortisol (only slightly exaggerated for dramatic effect). I want to say that I will sit down and read through these and respond to them one-by-one, but that would be a hilarious overestimation of my social-communication-capacities even at the best of times (I don’t own a phone right now – not even a landline – have I mentioned?). So know that I value that communication very much, even if I can’t always manage my end of it.

Onward-ho. I have a want list to go up in the next day or two (wants are the best consolation – maybe even better than actually getting stuff. Though you didn’t hear that from me), and other hchommish things. More soon.


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11 responses to “Winter Break

  1. Good to hear you’re feeling better. Excited to see your new stuff. And those mountains and trees are gorgeous.

  2. It’s definitely worrisome to hear that something is/has been wrong, but I’m glad to heat you’re okay.

    I’m looking forward to more posts from you. Life for me has been soul-less and weird lately, and I guess it seemed fitting that your posts were gone. Blog entries by you and Brandon are the highlights of my week.

    Luckily, things are looking up for me, and I really hope they’re looking up for you too.

    I know we’re not close by any means, but if you ever need someone to rant at or just hear you out, I will always be more than happy to oblige.

    Thanks a lot for the work you’ve done, but the world is seriously lacking and in need of Marian Churchland comix, especially in the fantasy/swords x sorcery department!

  3. Also, sorry for the lack of spell-check…
    Typing this out exhausted, just about to leave work :x

    • Marian

      Hchom welcomes spelling mistakes.

      And thanks, that’s really nice to hear. I’m glad thinks are looking up on your end, as well.

  4. kim

    need some get well gnomes to cook you breakfast, and let the post gnomes read you your mail while you r&r in bed.

    and of course light switch gnome to tuck you into dreams and announce the coming day.

    (bugle blurb)

    p.s. got your package and been sleeping with our sleepy gnome ever since – hope you got your return suprisey tucked in with your other correspondence.

    • Marian

      Yes, I got it just three days ago! I was so touched (and the timing was perfect, for a care package) – you guys are absolute best. And where did you find the Merlin comic? Old Buscema is like gold, in my circle. Anyway, I was so happy to find that unexpected shiny, shiny envelope in my mailbox – it deserves a proper thank you note.

      • Rachel here, also known as Kim’s main girl. The Merlin comic is from Dragon*Con. I hope you enjoyed the nougat — the licorice you sent me was wonderful, and I don’t even like licorice! <3

  5. John Christ

    Hope you’re back on the mend, can’t wait to read more of your stuff, always look forward to it!

  6. EruditeDragon

    Good to hear you’re feeling better, Marian, and i hope you continue to do so! I was beginning to miss your quirky awesome posts and amazing art… Looking forward to more updates!

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