Vancouver Update




I’ve updated the Vancouver page with more places, and added categories to keep it from becoming too dense (of course “shinies and chocolate” makes perfect sense as a single category – don’t you dare question it). A few last additions are yet to come, but we’re getting there. I might need a “Bread” subsection before I’m through.


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2 responses to “Vancouver Update

  1. Now if only there was a place to buy chocolate AND shinies.

    Also if you’re ever in Los Angeles and want some more items for your treasure chest I HIGHLY recommend you check this place out: It’s just a few blocks from my apartment, which is both fantastic and painful.

    • Marian

      I feel like these two things things make perfect sense together in one location. Shiny treasure for hoarding, and shiny treasure for hoarding and/or eating.

      That place looks amazing. So witchy.

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