Ged and Vetch


I had a work-heavy weekend, so, in lieu of a proper post, here’s an old drawing of Ged and Vetch (from Ursula Le Guin’s A Wizard of Earthsea).


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12 responses to “Ged and Vetch

  1. I love it! So nice to see them looking like they do in the book (rather than, say, a generic fantasy blonde White guy…). Makes me want to read it again – I never did get more than halfway through The Tombs of Atuan. I should rectify that.

    • Marian

      Oh yeah, Tombs of Atuan is certainly worth returning to. It’s my favourite, I think, though I’d say that WoE is the best of them.

  2. This is beautiful color. Adoring the softer lines, layers and brushy places. Watched The Dark Crystal last night with a friend (I grew up on Labrynth) and was really trying to wrap my head around the colors in those movies, as a phenomenon of time plus taste. Plastic-y opalescents, earth and dark jewel tones, and a dusty, dingy ozone unique to the 80s, I guess? Wax poetic on the palettes of fantasy, would ya? ;) This drawing is much more elegant and specific to our time, but satisfying in a similar way for me. Ugh, I’ve hoarded Le Guins but not read any yet.

    • Marian

      Yess, that dingy ozone thing! That misty atmospheric effect that all those movies have – gives me feelings just thinking about it. But yeah, I expect that my palette is heavily influenced by that stuff.

  3. I love this so much!!! I’d love to see middle-aged Ged and Tenar in love someday <3

  4. Ola

    This drawing was one of the things that finally got me reading these books… and finishing A Wizard of Earthsea through Tehanu in a summer. They’re probably some of my favorite books I’ve ever read.

    Speaking of your wonderful taste, your posts on Dragon Age were the first I ever heard of the series, and now I’m neck deep and been treading water for months. Which sounds awful except that it’s got me writing and drawing like never before. So thanks for that.

    • Marian

      There’s something about those Dragon Age games, that makes me want to write and draw, too! Other games I love never seem to do it – Skyrim has practically the opposite effect (though it makes me mod, of course) – but DA is, like, the best creativity prompt that I know of.

  5. asduartesilva

    Marian… the proper words evade me now so all I can say is ‘Wow’.
    I have read A Wizard of Earthsea when I was younger and had sadly forgotten much about it (other than that I had loved it), and when I met my partner we discovered we had both read those books, though I was surprised to know that there were more…
    This year she got me the first 4 books for my anniversary and I was (and still am) dumbfound to see how much these books still connect with me. And your illustration is exactly how I sensed Ged and Estarriol :’) Thank you.
    Also ‘Thank you’ because we (unfortunately) recently saw Gorō Miyazaki’s Tales from Earthsea and it had left a bad taste in our palate, and you saved it ;)

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